San Nicolas ResortMARE E MONTI

We are very proud of our carefully selected menu which combines the best gourmet dishes to please the finest palate. We are noted for serving classic dishes, which are coupled with boldly innovative, cosmopolitan flair and true passion.
Our restaurant with its great menu, attentive service and the view to die for is an excellent choice to make your dinner truly special. Mare e Monti has many different dining areas suitable for any occasion or time of the day.
Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients sourced from the local area in order to give you a taste of real Mediterranean cuisine. To complement your dinner you can choose from the best quality wine on our extensive wine list or enjoy a made to order cocktail from the bar.
We would love to be able to host you in Mare e Monti and we can assure you that our staff will do their best to turn your evening into a memorable and experience.



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